Brett, Jean and Tia….and Dogs.

Being the amazing girl she is, Jean organised alittle shoot for Smiler for his birthday / christmas / anniversary ( I forget as we have been trying to book this shoot in for months!) to capture him and his girls!  I loved this shoot. We headed to the most amazing beach in Ballito, hidden away from everything and I literally just sat back and shot!  We wanted to capture natural shots, nothing posed or too scripted….and thats exactly what we did!  Of course its an absolute delight photographing such a ridiculously photogenic family, but you guys really made this shoot so much fun……as you will see as i’ve posted about 100 photos!! Thanks for letting me capture some moments of you guys …..and most importantly, Happy Birthday to the beautiful Tia! x


4 Responses to “Brett, Jean and Tia….and Dogs.”
  1. Amazing pics of a beautiful little family

  2. Paul says:

    this is just another reason why we using you for our wedding!! BOOM!!!

  3. Jean says:

    Hi Fi, these pics are honestly the best gift a gal & her family could ever wish for.. Thank you thank you!!! We love your work and your attention to detail and the emotion which flows through your lens.. Soul stuff this. Jean

  4. Exquisite!!! What a beautiful shoot full of so much emotion… Gorgeous people!!

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