Glenton, Tamlyn & Brogan Reid: A beautiful family on a beautifully sunny beach!

The most beautiful morning in Durban, the perfect family, the beach and my camera. Happy days!  I had the absolute pleasure of capturing some very special moments for the Reid family.  We met early in the morning at the beach in front of Ushaka and I just snapped as this family posed and played together on the beach. I was blown away by little Brogan – what a beautiful little girl and such a treat to photograph. And even Glen was the perfect smiler for the early morning photosession.  Thank you guys for being so lovely to work with and for making it so easy to make beautiful images…..I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed taking these. x

2012-12-18_0021 2012-12-18_0022 2012-12-18_0023 2012-12-18_0024 2012-12-18_00262012-12-18_0025 2012-12-18_00282012-12-18_0027 2012-12-18_0029 2012-12-18_0030 2012-12-18_00322012-12-18_0031 2012-12-18_0033 2012-12-18_0034 2012-12-18_0035 2012-12-18_0036 2012-12-18_0037 2012-12-18_0038 2012-12-18_0039 2012-12-18_0040 2012-12-18_00422012-12-18_0041 2012-12-18_0043 2012-12-18_0044 2012-12-18_0045 2012-12-18_00472012-12-18_0046 2012-12-18_0048 2012-12-18_0049 2012-12-18_0050 2012-12-18_0051 2012-12-18_0052 2012-12-18_0053 2012-12-18_0054 2012-12-18_0055 2012-12-18_0056 2012-12-18_0057 2012-12-18_0058 2012-12-18_0059 2012-12-18_0060 2012-12-18_0061 2012-12-18_0062 2012-12-18_0063

2 Responses to “Glenton, Tamlyn & Brogan Reid: A beautiful family on a beautifully sunny beach!”
  1. CLee says:

    Lovely work Fee!

  2. Karen says:

    Such gorgeous pics of an awesome family!!!

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