Francois & Marie – Part Two.

The wedding of Francois and Marie, September 22nd at Boulevard 44, was interrupted by heavy rain and lightning! We decided to leave their couple shots till we could shoot in brighter, sunnier weather.  With Durban’s recent weather forecast this hasn’t been an easy task. However we managed to schedule in an afternoon and finally I was able to capture some special moments for these two under a setting sun in Balitto where I originally wanted to shoot this beautiful couple. We decided to keep the shoot very simple and natural.  I know its not the ideal friday evening for most guys, having to get dressed again and pose for pictures, but I really think that this shoot was worth the wait. You two make a very special couple , not to mention ridiculously photogenic ;-)! So finally, here is part two of your wedding……Thanks for being so lovely and fun to work with! x



Dress:      Designed and made by Marie. You can contact Marie for a dress consultation

For part one of this wedding have a look at :

2 Responses to “Francois & Marie – Part Two.”
  1. Katz0806 says:

    That stuff has grown a bunch since you took those photos. 🙂 Pretty photos yet again Fiona.

  2. Szerdi Nagy says:

    That is one seriously good looking couple! Geez!

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