The Wedding of Dave & Shan Mackey at Willowvale

The wedding of the amazing Dave and Shan Mackey started in drizzle and ended in thunder and lightning with nothing but rain in between. However for this wedding it didn’t seem to matter at all. I’m sure most brides and grooms (and mothers of brides and grooms ;-)) would be devastated at rain on their big day, but for this incredible couple and their families, it didn’t seem to make one bit of difference. Shan’s message to me in the morning was; ” we have wellies and umbrellas and we’ll make the most of it!”.  That, for me, set the tone for the day….everyone went with the flow and just enjoyed every second….exactly how a wedding should be!  Shan sipped on tea while getting ready, the boys started with an early game of cricket in the rain and the party kicked off early with guests sneaking in some dance (?!) moves before the bridal couple had broken the dancing ice.  When I first met Shan and Dave, I knew that the wedding was going to be laid back and fun, but you guys really outdid my expectations.  I’m pretty sure I have exceeded the limit of pictures to blog for one wedding – but I just couldn’t help myself.  I hope this brings back some awesome memories for you! Enjoy and a huge thank you for including me your day! x

With special thanks to:

Venue: Willowvale, Rosetta

Make-Up: Kimmie Powell

Kirsten Goss – Jewellery (earrings)

Christa White – Dress (VIP Brides)

Flowers – Kathy Ungerer & Tessa Bouwer – Huge thank you to the ladies in Nottingham Road who raided their gardens for such fabulous flowers!!

6 Responses to “The Wedding of Dave & Shan Mackey at Willowvale”
  1. Lindy says:

    Lovely lovely lovely! Beautiful work Fiona! 🙂

  2. Jayne Frew says:

    absolutely incredible!!! such beautiful photography… 🙂 and I love how you captured the tiny details!!! STUNNING!! Shanni made a gorgeous bride x thanks for sharing your day with us! x

  3. What amazing photos ! You really did capture the joy of the day in so many ways !

  4. Mark Prior says:

    Amazing photos of my cous and his beautiful wife and some other folk. It was an awesome weekend

  5. Jane Thompson says:

    Speechless………… Ok, these photos are INCREDIBLE! Love all the little moments (like the kids at the bar! lol) Such a beautiful couple and a wedding that couldn’t have been more joyful… and its all captured forever 🙂

  6. Karin Goss says:

    It was the most beautiful occasion in every way, Shan and Dave. What a special memory Fiona has created for you here. Blessings always! xx

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