10 days in Namibia. 2012 DesertLight Workshop – Paradigm Shift with Philippe Pache

The last 10 days…where to start! I was lucky enough to take part in the amazing Nambian photographic trip hosted by portrait photographer Philippe Pache from Switzerland ( and of course the namibian triplets: Willem Oets, Lydia and Nicole! ). The workshop was called ‘Paradigm Shift’ because it promised to alter ones creative paradigm.  Unfortunately I wasn’t exactly there as a photographer  ( for those close to me you will know what I mean!) but of course I managed to sneak a few pics for my collection. I have posted a little mix of portraits, taken by myself but also by fellow photographers on the trip, alongside the most important behind the scenes shots! Huge thanks to my models – Gina, Justine, Debora and Maria..and of course Namibia. This really was an eye opening, invaluable experience from start to finish and meeting my co-models and photographers was the ultimate highlight. Too many fun memories – a few shown below..

Gina in Dina

A quick shot out the window on a drive to the dunes…

The stunning Debora in the gardens of Dina

The beautiful red head posing against the infamous blue wall! If that blue wall could speak

Behind the scenes on the morning shoot

6 am morning rusks and coffee on the STOOP!

Gina posing in the freezing cold! So glad you took this one.

The amazing Maria…taking time out of the busy modelling schedule to capture some moments

The beautiful justine posing in the corridor….again – if the walls of this place could talk!

Modelling Agent: Basil Pesto.

Sneaking a shot while Gina posed for the other photographers….

A shot of me by Basil Pesto.

The famous Maria Tree.

Fortunately I became the resident hand and foot model and I just love this picture by Basil…

I just love this photo – taken by the ridiculously talented Christy Lee from Pickle Photography. Just one of her many amazing portrait shots from the workshop….

One by Philippe Pache in the Dina House – in the bath. The models spent alot of time in this bath!!

Justine keeping warm in the car under the Famous Panama hat!

The final image ….Philippe and Willem deciding whether I can pose on top of / and or in the water tank! Of course I tried….pics to follow!


More pics to come…back to editing for now. xx



5 Responses to “10 days in Namibia. 2012 DesertLight Workshop – Paradigm Shift with Philippe Pache”
  1. Gina G says:

    LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEEE these!!! You girls really made this trip for me!! ♥

  2. vanillapetal says:

    so beautiful!!!! i am SO proud of you!!! xxx

  3. basilBLOGinc says:

    Hmmm. Nice pics, even if I say so myself. Great stuff!

  4. C-L says:

    yay, all these pics bring back so many memories! Need to post mine soon! Well done Fiona! You have an amaing eye! You going places girl! xxx

  5. Great pics! Makes me miss Namibia even more.

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