Putman and Oakley. Pre wedding shoot.

Couples shoots do not exist in the UK like they do here in SA. Having moved here and fallen into the world of weddings I have quickly adapted to this idea of capturing couple moments before the big day. At first I was a little hesitant (as I think most of the male partners are before the shoot !) as I try to steer clear of anything too gimmicky and / or cheesy. However, the more I do of these the more I am loving the whole idea behind it. There is nothing wrong with having fun and capturing some ‘one on one’ moments in your everyday clothing and surroundings away from the craziness of your wedding day.  Matt and Sarah may have sold me on the idea completely. As far from traditional as you can get ( see amazing engagement ring!), these two were just so relaxed and happy to do whatever – including stand under a burst water pipe. And of course – Sarah’s second – or maybe first ?! – loves – the cats got involved too! As my sister pointed out when looking at the pics – you’d struggle to take a bad pic of Sarah so hopefully I’ve done you justice here. Cannot wait to see you as a bride next! xx

8 Responses to “Putman and Oakley. Pre wedding shoot.”
  1. You are absolutely amazingly beautifully talented my friend…and MRS & MR Putman to be…you guys make a STUNNING couple! Congratulations again! Big Love xxx

  2. Sarah says:

    Fee you are too funny 🙂
    You spot on about the cats —— verrrrry sneaky 2nd hahaha.
    You are a super talented girl and so glad i chose you to do my wedding!
    Next time there is pre, during and post wine! xxx

  3. bron says:

    Fi… I think this is your best shoot yet! These photos are absolutley incredible!! As for the couple- stunning!!!! Great job!

  4. jennifer Eales says:

    Se, what absolutely spectacular pictures! You both look so gorgeous. Can’t wait for June xxx !

  5. Beautiful….glad the kitties have their moment in the sun X

  6. Joelene Sylvester says:

    love these……cant stop looking at them. especially love the one of matty against a wall of cards, so apt! fi, you captured the essence of who these two are – both as a couple and as seperate entities – absolutely perfectly. SPOT ON! cant wait for the wedding. se, you are going to make the most amazingly beautiful bride! x

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